Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 11 Review – “Kill The Mad Scientist”

Dr stylish*yawn*

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 11 Review – “Kill The Mad Scientist” 

Last Episode:

Tatsumi was kidnapped by the Jaegers. Tatsumi escaped from the Jaegers. Yup, that’s about it. Oh – and Dr. Stylish followed him back to Night Raid’s base.

This Episode:

lubbock gets chased

Dr. Stylish launches his assault on the Night Raid HQ along with his army of human experiments. The remaining Night Raid members step up their game – and it appears that Najenda has returned with new members in tow.


welcome back sheele

When I can sum up both the last episode and this week’s episode in a total of 4 sentences, the show isn’t doing it’s job right. There should be more memorable moments than just one per episode. One of the major issues, as I have pointed out before is the lack of interesting, non-stereotypical villains. We’ve all seen these villains before, especially Dr. Stylish. Having him and his men just be a bunch of gay caricatures doesn’t exactly endear the show to me. Even his “final form” was extremely derivative. I’m not asking for completely out of the box original; that’s a tough task to ask in such a diluted world of media. I would be satisfied with something that made the character stand out from the pack of cannon fodder that this series is piling up.

The only villain that I’ll possibly (big if) remember is Kakusan, but only because he was using Sheele’s old Imperial Arms Extase. Even though her character was short-lived, Sheele has left quite a presence in this series. Mine seems to be tasked with avenging her death, so she’ll probably be paired up against Seryu soon enough. I don’t even think Night Raid remembers who Bulat was anymore, which is a shame.

As for the two new members Susanoo and Chelsea, I’m pretty meh on both of them. Part of that is because we’ve only just met them. (But I know that neither of them have very long life spans) Susanoo did look pretty good in battle though. Even so, I just couldn’t get that excited about the battles this episode. For one thing, the music was unremarkable and didn’t make the situations any more exciting. It was just a meh episode overall. In truth, this series is just too damn tropey to ever rise above that “meh” level.

Susanoo the newcomer
Susanoo the newcomer

Next: “Kill The Newcomers”


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