DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 11 Review – “Data_11_Fixer”

sei twin aobaNot bad actually.

DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 11 Review – “Data_11_Fixer”

Last Episode:

With the others still recuperating, Mink and Aoba infiltrated the Oval Tower. After defeating Akushima, they made their way up to the control room. Aoba used his Scrap power on Mink to learn of Mink’s past, and his connection to Toue’s experiments. Seeing that Mink intends to kill Toue but die in the process, Aoba tells him to live instead.

This Episode:

virus trip morphine

Aoba and Mink venture deeper into the tower. Aoba begins to notice that something is off about Ren – ever since the USB was planted in him he’s been acting odd. While they are momentarily separated, a vision of Sei appears in front of Aoba. It’s revealed that Sei was the one sending Aoba the “Silent Oath” game messages. Whether he is truly evil or not remains to be seen – Aoba was knocked out before he could investigate further. He awakens to find himself cuffed to a chair, with Virus and Trip looking on…


Toue's machine

I’ll admit that I did not see the truth of Virus and Trip’s roles until the reveal. In that light I would describe them more as “chaotic neutral” than “evil.” And through them, it was nice to finally get some answers on Aoba and Sei’s true natures. Did the show wait too long to give us the backstory/past for these two characters? Honestly, they waited just long enough. The exposition was handled cleanly this episode, which was refreshing. Straightforward, short and to the point, it gave us the whole story without wasting too much time.

Mink and Aoba’s confrontation with Toue was cut short, but it still left an impression. It certainly signaled that Mink’s story isn’t quite finished just yet. I enjoyed Episode 11 much more than I have the past few, with the broader focus and minus the stilted stories for each secondary character. Their content was interesting but it was too clumsily introduced into the show’s storyline. They messed with the pacing as well. This episode was much more balanced in pace and storytelling. It had just the right amount of action to keep us going too. Looking forward to next week!

Next: “Data_12_Dawn”


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