Haikyu!! – Episode 24 Review – “Removing The Solitary King”

kageyama aoba johsaiA victor is decided. 😛 

Haikyu!! – Episode 24 Review – “Removing The Solitary King”

Last Episode:

The third set was beginning to run away from Karasuno, so Ukai used Yamaguchi as a pinch server for Hinata. Yamaguchi’s float serve missed, but relieved the pressure felt by the Karasuno players on the court. They found their breath and brought the third set to a deuce at 24-24. With a one hand toss by Kageyama no less. The first team to get a 2 point lead will win the game.

This Episode: 

oikawa throw

Neither team can get the upper hand as the set rages on. Seijoh remains the more composed team, but Karasuno keeps biting back. The physical toll is noticeable weighing down on both teams. Oikawa even misses one of his vaunted serves long. However, his teammate Iwaizumi is there to help him recover. It’s much the same for Kageyama, who finds that every single one of his teammates has his back. For the first time, he is no longer the “Lonely King.” Soon enough, a victor is decided in the match…


tanaka recieve

Don’t say that I didn’t tell you so. Regardless of the match’s conclusion, I was very much entertained this episode. The rivalry between these two teams and their setters was very well established over the last few weeks. I look forward to the next time they face off, whether it is on screen or on the page.

I will also say that even though Aoba Johsai was the opponent, I was pulling for them as well. Not as much as Karasuno, but I didn’t hate Oikawa and his teammates. They are given enough character development that they are more than objects to hate. We can see the friendship between Iwaizuki and Oikawa and how they feed off of each other. There is a genuine connection across the whole team. I don’t feel that angry should they win against Karasuno or not. In comparison, I did not want Dateko to beat our heroes at all.

Next week is the last episode of the 25 slated. I haven’t found an announcement that there will be another season, but my fingers are certainly crossed. Given that the show picked up in popularity, it’s not too far fetched.

Next: “The Third Day”


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