Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 11 Review

lemon in heels*stops eating strawberries immediately* XD

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 11 Review

Last Episode:

A childhood treasure map that lead to a surprise victory, another fat girl joke, and a sweet Predator spoof. Goutokuji won not only once, but twice. *sticks out tongue at Sonokawa*

This Episode:

sabagebu candy club

– Sonokawa is sent by Miou to get her gun recalibrated at the Survival Games Shop but a shop that decorates your possessions with gaudy trinkets distracts her. The results are horrifying O_O.

– A old rich chairman puts out a want ad for the beautiful woman he saw in heels the other day. Naturally Sonokawa wants the money so she gets to work practicing walking in high heels – with Fried Chicken Lemon’s help. I’ll never look at strawberries the same way again. XD

– It’s grub time at the Survival Games Club and Miou has brought an expensive live crab for the hot pot. At first Platy is combative, but soon a bond begins to form between the two. Move over Psyduck and Krabby.


platy the crab

I’m really going to miss the smiles and laughs this show has brought me. All of the skits this week were hits, especially the high heels on Lemon. With the exception of the fanservice episode I can heartily recommend Sabagebu!! The show is just too damn hilarious for it to be passed up.

I know I said earlier that having Fried Chicken Lemon pop up continually would make his character less welcome, but his segment this week was magical. It proves me wrong that even in large doses, running joke characters can work when utilized correctly. This episode also gave us small proof that even people like Sonokawa have a conscious. Either that or she just screwed up and passed it off as being nice. XP

Next: Episode 12 – aww it’s the final episode 😦

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