Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Series Finale (Episode 12) Review

Urara's bday presentIt’s over? T_T 

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 12 Review

Last Episode:

Sparkly candy coated guns, Fried Chicken Lemon in high heels, and the introduction of a new character – a crab XD. I’ll never look at strawberries in the same way again. *shudders*

This Episode:

Kayo's euphoria

– A new infection has been spreading through the public and Sonokawa has contracted it! It makes your voice seem multiplexed and could be infectious! The authorities (The National Survival Game Club) want to take Sonokawa in, but the girls have something to say about that! Expect cameos from everyone in the show’s history.

– The last skit before the curtain falls concerns Urara’s surprise birthday party. What kind of gift will they give the sadomasochist?


all the cameos!

I’m sad to see this show go. 😦  The only episode that I did not immensely enjoy was the fanservice episode. It filled the empty comedy hole that was left when Hozuki No Reitetsu finished. As such, I’m usually one that is hard to hit with anime comedy. It usually features too much fanservice or just doesn’t pander to my sense of humour. The absolute absurd stupidity of Sabagebu! just hit me so well, as did the main character of Sonokawa, especially because she was so evil. I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh without being subjected to panty and boob jokes. While there are the occasional jokes in bad taste (anything concerning fat girls), the majority of the show is worth it. The only thing I would improve – Goutokuji should win more often XD!

the national survival games club

Series Recommendation: Buy It. 🙂 

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