Terror In Resonance – Episode 10 Review – “Helter Skelter” 

five explosionNot nearly enough answers!

Terror In Resonance – Episode 10 Review – “Helter Skelter”

Last Episode:

Shibazaki and Hamura found out some of the details behind the Athena Plan and it’s connection to Sphinx. They were also given a name – Dr. Mamiya. Nine set the next step in Sphinx’s plan into motion, while Twelve raced to save Lisa from being blown sky high. While he was able to save Lisa, he had to sell out Nine and the location of the atomic bomb to Five and the FBI. Nine escaped with the bomb in tow…

This Episode:

solemn twelve

Nine walks straight into the police station and turns himself in. However, he will only speak to Shibazaki. Since the police won’t meet his demand he announces that the atomic bomb timer has already been set. If they wish to know it’s whereabouts they must fulfill his request for a full-fledged press conference that will be broadcast to the public. Meanwhile, Shibazaki makes a visit to the home of one Dr.Mamiya, and Twelve and Lisa deal with the fallout of selling out their ally Nine.

Five has recovered from her faint last episode, and along with Clarence is going to work to intercept Nine’s conference. Unfortunately, their interference has dire consequences, upping the twists and turns even more.


shunzo mamiya

My primary thought for the episode was that we did not get enough answers, either from Nine or Mamiya. The only thing we know is the basic outline of the Athena Plan – and that’s not enough for me. I’m hoping that at least something more is divulged in the next episode, which is also the last. Sadly I think the show may have left it until too late to shed light on the mystery. I can’t say the show is “bad” because of this, it’s still a damn good watch. But this is a significant flaw in its structure.

If this really is the resolution for Five’s character arc then it feels largely unfinished. She wasn’t quite as bad an adversary as some of the flak she got in the comments, but there was some missed potential there for sure. At the very least, I would have liked to have known more about her own motivations.

I’m eager for next week’s series finale, and I will still rate this on the high end of the scale for the season. Hell I will probably buy this if it comes out on bluray/DVD. Just because it has noticeable flaws, doesn’t meant that it doesn’t have positives that overshadow them. Will either Nine or Twelve survive to the end of next week? What about Lisa? What do you guys think?

I won't let anyone else have nine

Next: “VON”


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