Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 12 Review – “Kill The Newcomers” 

night raid w: new members*yawns* 

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 12 Review – “Kill The Newcomers”

Last Episode:

Dr.Stylish and his army of experiments attacked the Night Raid HQ. However, the Night Raid members, including a new arrival named Susanoo, easily took them out.

This Episode:

seryu esdeath

We are introduced to the other new arrival to the group Chelsea. She works more undercover than through force, with an Imperial Arms that disguises her as anything she wishes. Tatsumi, Mine and Lubbock play a prank on her since she has some attitude issues (for good reasons) but she proves that she can’t be snuck up on. Also, stupid unnecessary fanservice blah blah.

With the Jaegers, Seryu is in mourning for Dr.Stylish. I fail to care, so sue me. Esdeath is offered replacement men for Tatsumi by Run, but she only wants the real deal. Run appears to be working for someone other than the Jaegers.


tatsumi where have you gone?

Ya – Chelsea and Susanoo aren’t going to last long are they. They smack of “just being added to be cannon fodder.” Susanoo is the most likable of the two, and possibly one of the few funny characters in the show. Probably because so far his jokes haven’t been centered around sexual humour. Speaking of that, the whole set up for the prank of Chelsea was really just an excuse to show her naked. Good job show, you go on being a douchebag.

In terms of the Jaegers, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Seryu or her search for justice. Nor do I about Esdeath’s love for Tatsumi. It’s just gimmicky bs that is distracting. This is the last week that I’m covering Akame Ga Kill! I’m clearing the way for newer, better series.

Series Recommendation: Skip It


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