DRAMAtical Murder – Series Finale (Episode 12) Review – “Data_12_Dawn” 

ren human formGood enough.

DRAMAtical Murder – Series Finale (Episode 12) Review – “Data_12_Dawn”

Last Episode:

Sei was revealed to be the messenger behind the “Silent Oath” game. Virus and Trip were working for Toue the whole time, erasing Ren and Aoba’s memories and playing it off as an “Rhyme accident” a few years ago. After they were dealt with, Mink and Aoba confronted Toue. Toue tried to control Mink with his voice, but Mink would only respond to Aoba’s control. Mink took off after Toue, and before Aoba could follow Ren attacked him.

This Episode:

toue and usui

Seeing Ren’s current predicament, Aoba decides to use Scrap on himself. What he finds inside is his true connection to Ren and their shared past. With that resolved it’s off to meet Toue in battle…


A capable enough wrap up to the series, with decent battle sequences. It’s obvious some more budget went into this episode than the others. Most characters got their own moments to shine, with the exception of Mink, who was absent most of the episode. The Aoba vs Toue battle could have been a bit longer, but did bring a good enough close to the villain’s storyline. I wasn’t looking for the next great anime in DRAMATical Murder, just something interesting to pass the time. And fill that slot well it did. Toue may have been a generic take over the world villain, but he did at least feel like a viable barrier that Aoba had to surpass. I can’t say that for Aldnoah Zero or Akame Ga Kill!

ren bug

My only real hang-ups were Sei and the way that Rhyme was used within the series. Rhyme truly only appeared in 2 episodes, and was mostly just as an afterthought – something to indirectly influence the plot without being a major player. Sei’s true purpose was hard to pin down, and the final episode created more questions than answers about Aoba’s twin brother. On the one hand, that does leave it open for people to check out the games for more. But on the other hand, those who won’t are just left with an empty shell of a character. Perhaps that was the point of Sei, but if so, why should we care about his fate?

While it won’t blow anyone watching it out of the water, it was still an capable enough show that has some entertainment value. While I don’t think I’ll ever be watching it again, I don’t regret sitting through it.

Series Recommendation: Stream It.

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