Haikyu!! – Series Finale (Episode 25) Review – “The Third Day” 

team photo 2Steely eyed resolve and over dramatic screaming – check!

Haikyu!! – Series Finale (Episode 25) Review – “The Third Day” 

Last Episode: 

Aoba Johsai emerged the victors in the three set thriller. The final point was won on a block of one of Hinata’s vaunted freak quicks. Even though they lost, Karasuno still found a groove among themselves, especially in the case of Kageyama, who was no longer the “Solitary King.”

This Episode: 

hinata derp face

The third years (Sugawara, Azumane and Sawamura) have to decide their future, specifically if they want to hang around for the spring tournament at the cost of their own education. The school wants them to go on to college/university immediately, and enlists Takeda to talk some sense into them.

The second and first years also deal with the fallout, finding their own resolves, whether it’s through screaming or steely eyed epiphanies. Meanwhile, Seijoh’s fate is decided at the Inter-Highs as they face off against Shiratorizawa.


yamaguchi resolve

I’m going to miss this series. I’m going to miss the wonderful characters that made me laugh. I’m going to miss the hilarious over the topness of the show – that still managed to hold itself back enough not to be eye rollingly annoying. There’s some hope for a second season, as the show has become reasonably popular. I would watch the hell out of that. It’s the first sports anime that I’ve really enjoyed. I followed Baby Steps for a time, but eventually got bored of it. This still has my attention, even with this mostly sastifying close to the series.

Almost every character had at least minimal character growth over the course of the 25 episodes, barring some of the benchwarmers. Having read some of the manga, I know that Ennoshita at least gets some more development down the road. So while this series is done, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for another one to come along soon. If it doesn’t then onto the manga!

team photo

Series Recommendation: Buy It 🙂 


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