Chaika -The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE – Episode 1 +2 Review

chaika avenging battle chaika redYAY IT’S BACK!!

Chaika -The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE – Episode 1 + 2Review – “The Princess Who Gathers the Remains” + “A Wizard’s Pride”

chaika avenging battle toru akari

I am so glad this is back this season. It’s the only show I’m really looking forward to, even after looking over the rest of the new season chart. I can’t wait to get back into the mystery and the action.

These Episodes: 

chaika avenging battle claudia 2

It’s been one month since the events of last season’s finale. Toru, Akari and Chaika are locked in combat with Lady Claudia, one of the heroes who has the emperor’s remains. She defeats them, but allows them to stay at her winery and appears to be quite a decent person. She gives Chaika another chance to win the remains, but only if they can defeat her between breakfast and tea time the next day. Elsewhere, the remains of team Gilette pick up the pieces, and Red Chaika reappears. There’s also a rumour spreading about “the fortune” of Emperor Gaz…


chaika avenging battle vivi

A welcome return and not a bad two episodes. I loved the quick bits with Vivi/ the newest Chaika. She will become one of the more interesting characters as this season goes along – particularly because she still remembers being Vivi. As for Gilette, we know he’s still out there somewhere, but anything else regarding him is quite cloudy.

I didn’t mind jumping right back into the swing of things immediately, as the season only has 10 episodes to wrap everything up. The episodes took their time giving us a clear picture of Claudia’s character anyways. Again, she doesn’t seem like that bad of a person – a strength of this show is that most of its villains and heroes blur the lines.

It’s good to see that the show didn’t forget about Red Chaika either. She only adds to White Chaika’s character by bringing out the differences between them. Though they both seem to have a thing for Toru (rolls eyes :D). Will she meet the same fate as Blue Chaika did? Or will she join forces with our Chaika?

I still think Guy is some manifestation of the Emperor Gaz, he seemed like a guy who had this whole thing planned out far in advance. That or he has something to do with the odd alien creature we saw glimpses of in the first season. But, whatever happens over the next 9 episodes, I’m sure they will be good ones.

chaika avenging battle emperor gaz

Next: “The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected” – and a bunch of new characters!

2 thoughts on “Chaika -The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE – Episode 1 +2 Review”

  1. I thought returning back with these 2 episodes gave us a pretty solid start. Been checking up on a few other blogs that this season and Chaika and that seems to be the consensus.

    I am pretty excited for Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle too. This and Psycho-Pass 2. Although Parasyte, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, and Akatsuki no Yona are all looking really wonderful. Not a bad Fall 2014 anime season.

    1. I like the mix of answers and questions in the first two episodes. They aren’t leaving us completely in the dark, but they aren’t revealing their full hand.

      The only other series I have had a chance to see yet (been BUS-AH!!) is DENKI-GAI and Akatuski No Yona. Yona isn’t bad so far, I like the fact her love interest turned out to be the bad guy. 😀

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