First Look: When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace 

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace 1This week –  When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace – another new comedy from the Fall season! Will it fare better than Denki-gai

The Set –up:

time and dark dark

A group of middle schoolers suddenly find themselves saddled with new superpowers. Yet instead of having to fight evil, war, or just generally save the day, they find their time best spent doing what they know – being the silly literature club.

The Characters:

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace cosplay

Andou – the closest thing to our main character. He initiates the power surge, but ironically gets the lamest power – a miniscule flame he dubs “Dark and Dark.” He’s what some would call a reliable idiot, and the show’s resident otaku chuuni.

Sayumi – say hello to the tall, chesty and athletic one. She’s not all stereotype though, as she isn’t shy nor solemn. She’s a cheerful jokester. Just don’t tell her she likes cute things. Wait, maybe she IS just a stereotype. Her power is “Route of Origin”, which returns everything to its normal state. Basically, she’s a healer type.

Hatoko – the airhead character who always manages to remain cheerful. Her power is “Over Element”, which controls the five elements.

Tomoyo – appears to be the female lead of the cast. As such she is the blandest of the group. Her brother Kiryuu Heldkaiser Luci First is much more interesting, but I’ll leave you to find that out for yourself! Her power is “Closed Clock”, which allows her to manipulate time.

Chifuyu – the random elementary school kid who’s in the group. She has a obvious crush on Andou, which allows for some uneasy comedy. Her power is “World Create”, which lets her create things with her mind.

Mirei – the student council president, whose power is to steal other’s powers, nicknamed “Grateful Robber” by Andou.

The Comedy:

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace  andou chifuyu

Based first on a light novel, then a manga, it’s a slice of life comedy that borders on harem but doesn’t go full steam ahead into the usual harem tropes. Obviously most if not all the girls have some feelings for Andou, but thankfully there’s some restraint shown here. The gags are instead mostly concerned with how the powers are fun to mess around with, and force your friends to do silly things like cosplay as the Sun. There’s also a good balance of drama as well, but nothing to maudlin or overdone. Just what you would expect middle schoolers to deal with – crushes and the like.

The Animation:

It’s cheap in some places but nothing too horrendously bad. Animation studio Trigger (who also did Kill La Kill) present it with the amount of detail that is usually given to a slice of life comedy.

The Music:

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace the girls

Cute and bubbly like you would expect! The opener “OVERLAPPERS” by Qverktett isn’t quite as listenable as the ending song, “You Gotta Love Me!!” by Rucca. Neither one would show up in my playlist though.

The Verdict:

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace andou common sense

A fun little show that will at least make you chuckle or at most laugh loudly. It’s no rival to last season’s Sabagebu!, but it’s the best of the comedy offerings so far this Fall. The characters are all likable and funny in their own ways. There’s some queasy jokes, but only if you aren’t used to anime’s odd way of being okay with age inappropriate crushes. I like the core concept of having cool superpowers, but no bad guys to use them on. Just think about it – what crazy shenanigans would you get up to if you had the chance? I just hope the show doesn’t go full harem – there’s always the chance it will.


Sure! I’m enjoying it so far.

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